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Our services include:

- Conducting trademark searches;

- Filing trademark applications;

- Renewing trademark registrations;

- Recordal of Assignment of trademark registrations/ Recordal of Amendment of trademark registrations;

- Handling trademark oppositions, reviews, disputes and cancellation proceedings;

- Conducting trademark infringement investigations and evidence collection;

- Drafting, revising, and reviewing trademark related agreements, including trademark assignments, and licenses.

1. Required information (via email)

- A trademark sample;

- The applicant’s name and address; and

- List of goods bearing the mark.

2. Required documents

- For filing a new trademark application, we need an original simply signed Power of Attorney (POA) from your client (notarization or authentication are not necessary).

- We can file a new trademark application without or with a scanned copy of signed POA provided that the original one will be submitted within 1 month from filing date (this period cannot be extended). 

3. Procedure and time frame

Trademark availability search

Under normal practice, it takes 3-5 working days to complete a search report with our professional advices on registrability of the mark.

Trademark registration


As a matter of current practice, the length of time for registration of a trademark in a smooth case from filing an application through obtaining a registration certificate is about 20 - 24 months including: 


  • Formality examination: 02 - 03 months from the filing date
  • Publication of the application: Within 02 months from the formality acceptance date of a valid application
  • Substantive examination: 12 - 16 months from the publication date
  • Granting a certificate: 02 - 03 months from the date of registration fee payment


4. Quotation


Please send us an email to mail@annamlaw.com.vn or annamlaw@vnn.vn if you have any question regarding trademark matters in Vietnam. 

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