Our Service » Cambodia


Our services include:

- Conducting trademark searches;

- Filing trademark application;

- Renewing trademark registrations;

- Recordal of Assignment of trademark registrations/ Recordal of Amendment of trademark registrations;

- Handling trademark oppositions, reviews, disputes and cancellation proceedings. 

1. Requirements

- In order to file a trademark application, an original notarized POA from the Applicant shall be required.

- We are possible to file a new application with/without the original POA provided that the original one will be followed within 60 days from the filing date.

2. Time frame

- A trademark application will be formality and substantively examined by Cambodian IPD within 6-9 months from the filing date. This period might be prolonged a bit, depending on the workload of the DIP.

3. Quotation

Please send us an email to mail@annamlaw.com.vn or annamlaw@vnn.vn if you have any questions regarding trademark matters in Cambodia. 

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